Sunday, September 5, 2010

West Coast Waffles

Day 1 so far is going pretty retarded.

Fidgeted around and then decided I was hungry and went to the Organic ALL WAFFLE restaurant accross the street. Everything on their menu encorporates organic waffle. WEOO WEOO WEOO....I got the Spelt waffle with nutella and banana on top....

SUCH A GOOD PLAN ROYCE, such a GOOD plan....stupid fool.

Now perhaps i'll take a bath and draw in there. But of course i'de need bathing equipment so Maybe i'll go get that first. Tonight I'll work on my e-lance acct I have been putting off.

MUST DRAW...sit and DRAW...


god DAAAYAAMNIT...the world is so easy yet at the same time so difficult.



a fucking Tamogotchi could follow that, no problem.

just. DO. it! DAYAAAMNIT!

Ok, back to work again dear...

At the waffle house I looked at all those wonderful busy busy BUSY people behind the counter on this Sunday morning ( when all the FAYATS like to go eat waffles) ...and did think " Ok...all you have to do today is least you're not here making waffles for fats.

OK...and on a second NOTE...why are the fattest people also the most picky eaters?
You'de assume they wouldn't be...cause of all the FAYAT.
But I noticed when a theeeeen person went to the counter , they ordered in 2 seconds fat...when a FAYAT went to the counter they took 15 minutes asking the ingredients TO THIS OR THAT and scrunching their face up when the word Flax or wheat or raspberry or anything was brought up. Then finaly ordered something simple...Maybe they are fayat cause they found the one thing they enjoy and they just eat it CONSTANTLY.

probably that.

Good day readers....of 4 people.

Update: Been listening to too much of the Grum this's taken over my speech again.

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