Wednesday, September 22, 2010


nudeetee HONAAAAY

I think I just had my first shamanic experience...very fucking tripped up day honays. Love it.

So I currently sleep on my floor, and after my roommate goes to work I usually sneak into her mattress and sleep until I feel I had enough sleep time.

So I layed on her mattress , read some adbusters...was transfixed by an image of a bunch of decapitated heads on the made life look like nothing...
Then i started to doze off.

So I was in my dream and it was like every other dream, uncrollable, just being there for what goes on. My roommate came home in the dream and bought a huge bag of ketchup chips...I was extremely excited about them and gobbled them up while her brother ( who wasnt at all her brother in real life...her dream version brother was like some 18 year hippie guy) kept trying to take them. I let them be to watch the large tv in our apartment ( we dont have tv in our apartment) while I went to call my grandma...she was very excited to hear from me, It felt good, Then I sat on the same mattress I was sleeping on in reality...and started to doze off in the dream....THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED....THE QUALITY was NOT dream quality was like REALITY QUALITY and then a TUNNEL appeared around me made of crayola BRIGHT colours EVERYWHERe swirling around me and pulling me forward deeper into this stranger reality of reality. Then if my skull was caving in....or my ears desperately where trying to touch eachother and meet at the halfway point of my brainparts...there was a LOUD HUGE CRUNCH/POP! THEN THERE I WAS IN A SEA OF DNA! DNA double helixes were swirling ALL AROUND ME and their were outlines of hills and mountains and scenery....The Moment I came into this world I had COMPLETE FULL wasn't like any other dream...I MOVED willingly in this reality...I was in the harbour...of the empress hotel, everyone was jogging around me...and I kept thiking " Holy shit..I'm actually journeying!" then i shouted " I WOULD LIKE TO MEET MY SPIRIT ANIMAL PLEASE TO HELP ME THROUGH THIS" though i remember shouting it well before this time...about the time when the DNA came as well....The animals were weirder here...and their were giant GIANT yellow flowers as the was like real life meets wizard of OZ...Then as if this place wanted to show me how real it was...hail or other solid objects started to fall from the sky...WHICH ACTUALLY HURT... I FELT EVERY ONE that hit my body. As I ran I fell down onto the hard pavement and itno different than falling on pavement in the material reality...fucking hurt...At this point I was just running aimlessly looking for SOME sort of guide here to help me..I came near a forrests edge then walked around some weird as spotted fuck dog/cow thing with tube like teets all around the side of it's torso that any animal or jogger that crossed it took a sip from...I was looking for a spider...because I always assumed my guide would be a spider...But as I crossed the corner, around the DOG/COW...the ground started to crumble a bit...and a gigantic beautiful mocha bull with polished white horns came charging at me....Then he was gone...In his place was a Black man yelling into a cave...I didn't see his face...but I knew he was important...The same tunnel that got me to this place started to fold around me again and I was pulled back into material reality....with a DING...DING..DING...My antique coocoo clock pulled me back home...for now...or maybe that place was home.

I immediately put on a new shirt and ran outside ...headed for the market....naturally...I think of food after something like that...I was still in this dreamlike stuppor...and the REAL world got really fucking weird all of a sudden. Four people I passed seemed to look at me in the eyes and notice my existance more than usual...then I saw a guy with my exact same shoes...When I got to the market I was asked if i was on drugs...I tried to explain what just happened....They are sticking with the drugs theory.

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  1., how is life going after this crazy shamanic/lucid dreaming experience?