Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Toonie Tuesday

Tickles my Pickle.

It's Tuesday night.

Dear Milton rang our door bell and is over on the floor.

We are all listening to Cheryl Merkowski prank calls.

My throat is very swollen today because I got an advil stuck in it yesterday and it scratched it all Up.

ruined my whooooole day.

Waiting for Takehiro.

Sent my scans in today.

Working for mother tommorow morning.

Oh what a GOOD blog this was..

ahaha. Back to Art... I wonder how i can get more people to read this.


  1. When you make a work of art that people see, then it gets your name out there... in turn more blog readers. You could try adding your url to any art that makes it outside of the Temple of DO do DO... whether you sneakily place in the art itself, or merely have it off to the side. Be creative with it.

  2. This blog is actually kind of cool.