Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've learned/realized a valuable lesson this week.

The art of Doing.

I talk about it a lot but I think this week/today is clicked.

I'm thankful I have 1 or 2 friends going through the same shit. The NEED to create or live their passion vs the distractions. All my other friends are still in " The Matrix" so to say and 90 percent of them will never leave it. It really upsets me when I have a really creative friend be it in painting or photography or comedy/observational writing...and when they DO create they are very happy from the effects...I am not talking about me noticing a friends hobbies of doodling or whatever. I mean I have some VERY creative/ talented friends who could be on the path of being GREAT if they dropped it all and pursued it. Everytime I talk to them it's always " I have it all planned out, I'll get to it later, after school"...they may or may not. But I get very angry at them for not caring about it...maybe cause I see that they really do care about it.

Then I have these other friends who are very talented and on the other end of the spectrum. They have always pursued it whole heartedly since they were kids , to a point that they never needed to get that 9-5 job because they've been so involved in that art world for so long they will never need to look for another job outside of it. They also never questioned or write blogs about thier lack of inspiration that day...they've always just DONE...most of the time completely unaware that their very act of DOING is the rare thing, not the talent.

I've always been in the middle. I've had the talent and I take the risks without second thought..but i've never had that Thoughtless transition into DOING...the DOING part has always been a huge struggle that I need to constantly keep in check.

I definately Owe my life now to Patrick and Chen from PCP...

If I never did PCP...I would never have gotten into that blissful state of mind of the first month of pcp before the valley...

In that state of mind I went out in search of magic, found Maria while looking for Magic and now we live above a comic book store and I dropped everything to pursue drawing, a talent I all but threw away since I left college.

I have the greatest little art job to carry me by for a month or two that is really just amazing.

I just really worry about food now I guess.

I'm back in the Swing.

Reading this GETTING THINGS DONE book still, patrick sent, right on the heels of Deborah's book " WAR ON ART"...There is a quote a rower gives about being in the zone of trusting the body to do the job and just not thinking, just doing. they call it the Swing.

So I had an Idea to throw a SWINGERS PARTY 2 nights a week at the temple of Do Do Do.

Invite people who are dedicated to a craft, we have snacks and records playing and we all just chill out in our spaces and create and share stories.

It sounds like distractions potential at it's highest....it's really not if you get the right people.

I remember when my friend Mario came to visit we all just chilled and drew and it was completely cool.

As for the Temple itself...I find I am completely responsible for how well this will turn out.
I feel like...this is week one and I deffinately Am not bringing my best game. I am eating shit again, not working out recently and just generaly being useless.

The Temple of DO do DO Is only as strong as I am. The batcave is nothing if it was the penguin that lived in there instead of housing the ideals of Bruce Wayne.

Need to be a man, Step Up...get back on top of things. Be A man of DO DO DO so they temple will MEAN something. We are lacking in furniture or anything right now so it's very vital that I bring my best every day because the temple can't stand on it's own yet.

but...SWINGERS PARTIES....cool.

I went for a walk tonight to really clear my mind...It was labour day....I planned to send some scans in for the job job but the office was closed...So I came back and slept. I didn't really like the scans so i'm starting new ones after my late night walk...WHY DID I NOT LIKE THEM? I figured it out which comes back to the REALIZATION part at the top of the post. Last week, my first batches of scetches were done on the top floor of my old work, on the chip aisle... in quick 2 minute bursts...there was NO thinking...DOODLING....then re aranging it again...Ideas where either good or not...the good ones cyphered out and made even better..

Then after I sent in the first batch of scans...I wanted to create that...but I went about it in all the wrong way. I sat and started thinking about ideas, for hours. drawing very little in those times...ideas never came. I drew...but it was shit all of a sudden.
I felt ashamed to scan these in....So after my walk I feel like i've learned something....JUST FUCKING DRAW...so I tossed that rubbish and started fresh...turned on some podcasts and just got right to it.

my dear friend Takehiro " Now Royce...my dear...it's not the Temple of TH TH THINKING"

So atleast now I realize how the process works better. So I won't have that excuse of " I'm just not inspired" anymore. Hopefuly my darling boss won't fire me for my early shoddyness...I'm doing well now though. On the ball. Spitting out some images. Having fun with it.


I'm hungry for soup.

Swingers party anyone?

Yes darling, you're invited.

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