Saturday, September 11, 2010


Not sick anymore.

Sat down to draw yesterday but it just wasn't going to work. I felt destroyed from the inside out. I had all the ideas in my head, my body just didn't remember how to draw.

BACK at it though, devine again. Again am a proffesional.

Had my witches come over to dance health back into me (ie. bring me lots and lots of extreeeemes and shite)

We finaly organized the temple too.

Hung up my very old coo coo clock. It hasn't worked since I was very young. Maria had an internet friend stop by, he said he wanted to be a nurse. He took one look at our coo coo clock and DEAR...IT WORKED AGAIN! I think he'll be a good nurse.

Clock stopped working in the morning, so maybe i'll have him over again.

last night was replenished as the night went on. Willow took lots of photos again...i'm having him send them all now for the next blog. BEAUTIFUL temple photos.

Things I will remember forever last night:

My friend Takehiro posing nude for a photoshoot and requesting another photoshoot covered only in his MANPEAARLS

Takehiro dancing to a german waltz , using Maria's Swatstika ( She ain't a nazi, her Grandada took it from the war) flag as a of the more macabre images I have seen in my life.

Takehiro making a feast for us: miso soup and homemade sushi.

OOO pics just came in E-MAIL.... Posting them now...

We are perhaps most likely going to take in Takehiro as a third roommate.

we are asking him to stay 4 days before he makes his decision.

2 witches and a storyteller dear in an apartment of glowing salts and ticking coocoo's

fantasies come to life.

Me and Maria are doing a TEA fast for 6

now...for PIKTURES!!!

P.S. I FEEL SO.....ENLIGHTENED this morning. I discovered I can pull up our window blinds VERY high....and our windows are very Now it's like an IMAX view of outside...

Drawing time now...Need to catch up!!!!

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