Monday, September 13, 2010


SIMON the ice cream man is coming over for afternight tea tonight.

I enjoy him. Maria's friend.

He has such sexual energy, reminds me of a horny clown.

Tonight I went to an art gallery.

It was shit.

the one I went to last week was shit too.

I really do not enjoy gallerys made simply for praise.

15 shitty pieces. absolute garbage and everyone lines up to go " oh how WONDERFUL"...

dear....for me..the first rule of an artist is SELF EVALUATION. self awareness...

SO ME AND MARIA HAVE AN excellent plan. We are going to host a gallery, spend a week making intentionaly the worst shit possible, just for the sake of mingling. We will host it in 2 weeks.

It'll be called. SHITTY ART, FANTASTIC MINGLING....or something...SO THRILLING...

true blood finale was...interesting...

I'm a fool, I tried to shamanic journey...and i ended up falling asleep forever....I'll be up all night

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