Monday, September 6, 2010


this blog is lonelier than the last blog, No one reads it. So I feel rather...schitzo typing to myself...OH WELL...then it's like a diary I suppose.

It's raining A LOT, storm dear, STORM.

I just made quinoa pasta with shit I found around the kitchen.

My face looks bloated.

I took a bath in cinnamon water and felt fat after. I'm just going to eat lettuce for awhile. Drawing is tougher this week than last week.

I think it has to do with the fact that last week THIS WAS ALL SO NEW AND EXCITING so i was really in the moment. When you are pulled into the moment, ideas are usualy there waiting for it's week two...need to pull self into moment again...destracting self.

Spent hours trying to come up with one concept and it was just a block, so I'm starting fresh with another....oh god...I just ate all the pasta...SOrry Maria.

This blog sort of looks like those pop up ads that come up randomly and are like " JUST 10 YEARS AGO, I FIGURED OUT A WAY TO WORK FROM HOME BY POSTING ADS ON GOOGLE. MY FIRST CHECK WAS FOR 700 DOLLARS! READ MY STORY AND FIND OUT HOW TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN!"

i'm lonely...but there is no justification for it...since I've been alone all year and haven't been lonely.

It's probably cause my diet isnt as great as it was.

Bad diet makes ya feeel BLLUUUE.

So many colourful umbrellas outside today.

my venus fly trap looks lonely too.

It's hard work to be a man.

not like...biologicaly....but archetypicaly.

biologicaly, it's pretty easy.

I was looking at these prada concepts for mensear for like a year or two back. She came up with this idea of reworking the cumberband into almost a female thong sort of thang that poked out from dress pants...and the vest into sort of a mock mini top...the end result was very very classy.

But you'de have to really work out and diet to wear that convincingly.

When I was looking at that image I realized that's what a man was.

He could lead his hunters to the kill in a floral print dress and still be taken seriously. He 100 percent knows who he is.

SO I think these are the neccessities of a true Man:

  • Ripped like a superhero
  • clarity of mind
  • confidence in his technique but humble in that he knows it can always improve.
  • Again, HUMBLE. He knows his place on this wet rock and doesn't need to put anyone else down or pump himself up .

  • Everyday, puts on his grungy hunters boots and bag of arrows and goes out for the hunt. This does not mean WORK...unless your WORK is what your meant to do. If you drag yourself to the office you hate every day when you know you are a filmmaker...then you are not a man. A man knows what he is meant to hunt and dedicates his days to hunting it. There is an exception of course. If you have 6 kids and can't really spend all your time making paintings then perhaps your duty is to be a father and therefor working in the best job you can find to feed them is deffinately going out for the kill, ain't it....NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS THOUGH! If YA ain't got KIDS and you slave away at 4 different mediocre jobs that you hate going to so you can pay for your expensive apartment in the city and fine shoes....when at heart you know you should be making that goddamn movie...then you ain't a MAN baby...just AIN'T A MAN at all. A man knows what to hunt and dedicates himself to that hunt.

  • Sex appeal of course...But I think that comes when all the above is met. Then it will ooze out of you like a fine soapy fragrance.
Take the big risks , get through the shit days, don't tell yourself you made the right decision...just work at it instead. Am still little boy...this year...must be a MAN!



  2. oh and on a side note... do you think you feel lonely because PCP is over?