Sunday, September 5, 2010



side effect from working at home? I can put out 7-100 meaningless blog updates a day.

I wish I had the same MMPH to my step that I had a week and a half ago when I first made the decision to leave it all and announce myself as a professional. God I was so INTO IT , drew constantly...LIVING IT....Now i'm living the reality haha and the reality is I'm going to have to find that MMPH every single day of my life...somehow...not being inspired or not being in the mood willl no longer be an option.

I went to the market to go buy some shit to procrastinate.

I have no money to buy shit..

GOOD plan Royce...another GOOD plan of the day....

There was a dead man on the sidewalk outside when I left the temple and walked to the Market...he had no pants on...don't do drugs....

hmm...what else...oh yes.

This schedule I made is completely not for me. I simply can not draw at these hours of the day. I never have been able to in my life. No Idea why I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have my day start so goddamn early. Tommorow it's going to go from 4pm to 4am...ideas only come IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT.

There is a hotel accross the street above the gay bar ,beside the tv station thats accross from the theatre. A man keeps poking his head through the curtains and peeeeping into my window.

Blackberry the Venus Fly trap hasn't eaten all day....I hope he is doing well, perhaps i'll give him more water....we can do a Water fast together.

DID YOU KNOW...that if you do a water fast for 13 + days your body actually pushes out dead teeth?

did i write this in an earlier blog?

I may need to do this cause I can't afford dental and I have a toothache.

Am making pasta...GET TO WORK YOU!

Victoria has a lot of really pretty men but a lot of really ugly women.

Just an observation I am making from this window....

Or maybe it's a gay thing...

Anyway...hopefully this is the last blog of the day....

TO DAY ONE OF SELF PROFESIONALISM...did I spell that right?

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