Saturday, September 4, 2010

Come get your Bou'.....At the Tique 09/05/2010

haha New Nightclub opened below me....they are calling themselves BOUTIQUE? isn't that just the most awful name for a nightclub?


Tonight was my LAST EVER 9-5 WORK JOB. EVER...I am now...

A PROFFESIONAL.....CREATOR? player? fun-doer? Dainty queen of ethereal kindness?

I find that days I don't draw or write are days that I am a big asshole to people I don't need to be an asshole goes...My new schedule.

Starting tommorow morning....
Any of you who are self employed proffesionals...or just intelligent in general...feel free to chime in if this seems reasonable. ( Please don't chyme in if you are one of those people who feels everything is unreasonable...only the darling ones who understand that it's important to push yourself...but not push yourself to insanity).

SO..SO..SO: wink wink wink. love love love.

  • 6 AM wake up: Meditation 20 minutes
  • 6:30 -740: I hour workout pcp style.
  • followed by breakfast/checking e-mail
  • 9 am : Hop into your playground...the workday has begun.
  • 1pm: stretch/yoga time
  • 130pm: back to work you!
  • 530pm: Stretch+Meditation+Dinner
  • 7pm: Back to work you!
  • 830pm : type assignment to self to read in e-mail form in the morning.
  • 9pm: stretch
  • hour of reading and relaxing before bed
If assignment is finished early, don't go ahead on tommorows unless you are really in a time crunch. Make sure the assignment is done to the best of it's worth and ability and if it truely is then write and draw/create on your own personal projects until the work hours of the day are complete.

This is for 6 out of the 7 work days.

The 7th work day is just jump rope and then DO WHATEVER YOU WANT DARLING...GO absorb inspiring beautiful things/or people. GO DANCING! DANCE YOUR HEART OUT... Yeah I really went overboard this week. REALLY let it loose...and I learned that I hate that. Got VERY drunk on thursday...To a degree I have never been before...I only ever drink once or twice a year at most...but this made up for it.

Now I'm NOT one to do DRUGS ever ...and luckily this night i didn't do any drugs either....BUT I DID FLAIL my arms around and ask everyone in the city for drugs...even waking up a crack addict...then after that...asked everyone in the city THE DIRECTIONS TO THE BATHHOUSE PLEASE!!!

god on a wheel.

I have very extreme sides to me...extreme enough when's best I don't do the whole drunk thing again....I woke up with my very first hangover of my life...complete with worst toothache of my life....OH GOD , WAS THE WORST DAY OF LIFE!!

haha...ok...but who cares about that. AM PRO NOW..

my going away present at work was a VENUS FLY TRAP..I'm calling him BLACKBERRY for....hmmm...personal reasons...


Temple of Do Do Do

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